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・本サービスで知り得た情報を第三者に開示(インターネット及び SNS その他の通信手段による開示を含みます。)した場合



お客様のアカウントページから、[サブスクリプションを管理]を選択します。該当のコース名の[アクション] 欄に[キャンセル] ボタンがあります。こちらでご解約可能です。メールや電話での解約には一切応じておりません。ご自身で解約作業を行って頂くようお願い申し上げます。





Terms and Conditions of the Online Academy

The Online Academy for Therapists (hereinafter referred to as "the Academy") is an online academy for therapists. The Online Academy of Therapists (hereinafter referred to as the "Academy") has established the "Online Academy Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"). The Online Academy (hereinafter referred to as "the Academy") provides the Online Academy (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") in accordance with this Agreement. The Online Academy (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") will be provided in accordance with this Agreement.

Article 1 (About this Service)

The Service is a membership-based online service that delivers video contents on this Teachable website.

Article 2 (Usage Fees, etc.)

1. In order to use the Online Salon, a member must pay the usage fee in advance to the Academy. By paying the usage fee, a member can use the Online Salon during the effective period.

(The member's recurring payment is made monthly on the date the member makes the first payment.)

2. The membership is valid until 23:59 on the day before the first day of school each month. Even if a member registers or withdraws in the middle of a month, the fee for the month of withdrawal will not be prorated.

3. The membership registration shall be automatically renewed in principle (hereinafter referred to as "automatic renewal") unless the member withdraws from the membership, the owner completes the withdrawal procedures, or the membership status expires. Article 3 (Refund)

Article 3 (Refund)

1. In principle, the Academy shall not refund the usage fee and purchase price paid by the member.

Article 4 (Prohibited Matters)

If a member commits any of the following acts regarding the contents in the online salon, the contract will be automatically cancelled.

If you cause damage to TOA by any of the following acts, TOA may demand compensation for the damage.

・Harassment, verbal abuse, slander, or any other annoying behavior towards other students, TOA, related companies, or salons.

・Secondary distribution or disclosure to third parties of textbooks, videos, or know-how provided by TOA.

・Use of the textbooks, videos, or know-how provided by TOA in your own lessons or other activities without the permission of TOA.

・If you use the textbooks, videos, or know-how provided by TOA for your own lessons, etc. without the permission of TOA. When you disclose information obtained through TOA to a third party (including disclosure via the Internet, SNS, or other communication means)

・In the event that you solicit other online salons, MLM, religion, or politics.

Article 5 (Withdrawal from membership)

Please send a withdrawal request to the Contact Us form with the words "I wish to withdraw from the membership" and the reason for the event.

・If the withdrawal request is not made at least 5 days before the settlement date, it will be settled. Please be aware of this in advance.

・You will be charged for the month of withdrawal regardless of the timing of your withdrawal request.

Article 6 (Philosophy)

Let's relate with love to fellow therapists, TOA members, and everyone else who is involved.